How to Plant Flower Seeds Outdoors

Planting a flower garden is one of the most joyous adventures in the life of a gardener. A flower garden is a very best place for a new gardener to start the journey. There are hundreds of possible flower choices from which to choose, ranging from very easy to care for varieties to flowers that require very exacting climates, light, and water requirements. Here is the quick guide for how to plant flower seeds outdoors

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Right Place, Right Plant

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Do the plants you’ve picked out like sun, shade, or a combination of both? Start by arranging your plants so they’re in a spot where they’ll get the kind of light they prefer plants that like the sun should be out in the open, plants that need shade should go in a spot where they’ll have some cover. Full sun is six hours or more of direct sun per day, not necessarily continuously. Part shade typically means four to six hours of sun per day.

Dig the Soil

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Beautiful flower gardens start with good soil. In general, most flowering plants do best in soil that’s loose and well-drained with a lot of organic material in it. You don’t need to dig a large area to plant flowers, but you should dig enough soil that you can add some compost in to improve the soil structure. Work the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches.

Decide, which flowers has to Plant

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Which is better? Both have their uses in the garden. Annuals are great for places where you want a lot of flowers, but they generally need more watering, fertilizing and other care than perennials, and planting them every year can be a chore. Perennials provide steady structure and form to a garden, and many gardeners delight in the anticipation of waiting for their favorites’ bloom time. Few are truly plant-it-and-forget-it, but they do tend to need less care than annuals.

When to Plant

If you are a beginning gardener, you’ll probably have better luck growing your new flower garden if you buy healthy plants at the garden center in the spring rather than trying to grow everything from seed. Wait until the frost free date for your gardening zone to plant your flowers outside. If you’re not sure, find your zone and look at the date in the spring; that’s your frost free date.

Whatever you do, enjoy your garden, especially during the warmer weather. Before you know it, winter will return, and you’ll long for that beautiful new garden you started in the spring. Hope you got a useful tips on how to plant flower seeds outdoors

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