Must have garden tools

You would require a different set of equipment to do the work based on how elaborate your garden is. A few hand tools would be enough if you have just a few potted plants. But if you grow a complete garden of plants that you intend to reap may collapse, you will require equipment that will be more durable to do the job.

Here are the must have garden tools

Hand Trowel

A hand truffle for planting, transplanting and potting is a small method. Find one with a good link between blade and handle and a simple grip on the handle to ensure that hand fatigue is avoided and improved control.


A garden secateurs is a useful handheld device in the garden, also known as pruning shears, plasters or clippers. You use it to cut and mold plants to shrubs and remove dead growth. It takes a very long time to get better quality secators, keep sharper longer, take bigger branches and be more relaxed to use, so investing in a decent one is worth making.


The planting of your land, your gardens and numerous other gardening duties is important. A garden hoe. This flexible garden tool is available in many different types, but a normal Dutch or Draw hoe meets the needs of most gardeners. It is particularly useful for the planting and weeding of beds.


A spade has a long, thin, flat head and handle. Without one, no tool kit for gardening is complete! You would need to dig, slash gardens and lawns, transplant, split shrubs, trenching and much more.


A garden fork is a multi-purpose piece of appliance, one of the toughest tools of any gardener arsenal. It can be used as a ventilation system for lawns (see our Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips Guide), compact soils can be broken, soil seed holes are formed, soil can be blended, soil can be extracted, and soft hard land.


A rake should be taken out of the field before planting gravel, rocks and clogs. It is often used to raise the surface of the soil and smooth it, or to catch debris including leaves and weeds. A thin, fanshaped rake can also be used as an ideal cover for wide areas when covering leafs, and a heavier arc rake is better suited to handling stony terrain. You may want to add many types of harvesters to your range to accommodate various needs.


From time to time, shrubs and trees need to be formed and sprung, not to mention woody weeds like briars. A bow screw will see you in the garden through most of the heavier cutting tasks; if a dryer does not cut!


The bulky and uncomfortable planting in your garden is much easier to drive through a wheelbarrow. Include all your equipment in your barrow to hold them comfortably when you are working.

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