The best equipment for harvesting in India

Harvesting is the primary and final aspect of farming where you start harvesting your crops until they are mature and ready for use. Since cultivating and taking care of the seeds, you have to harvest all the crops from the fields. With advanced technology, there are many harvesting machineries in India that can be used by farmers for harvesting, which can ease their work and produce the best results. Unlike the conventional approach, these harvesting tools do not take much time, and they also need less effort.

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Let’s have a look on some of the best equipment for harvesting in India used by most farmers for making their work simpler and easier.

Vertical Conveyor Reaper – Vertical Conveyor Reaper is one of the top self-propelled harvesting tools where this unit is primarily used to harvest crops such as cereals and oil seeds such as wheat, corn, paddy, soybean and many more. The price of this commodity is roughly I,20,000 INR.

Mounted Tractor – Mounted Tractor is also one of the top harvesting methods used by most farmers. This Fixed Tractor is a vertical conveyor harvester used for windrowing and harvesting crops such as wheat and paddy. The price of this equipment is approximately 45.000INR.

Combine Harvester – This combined harvester is also the top alternative among many farmers to harvest their crops. This combine harvester tractor is used for a wide variety of operations, such as cutting, winding and washing all cereals plus other crops. The price of this equipment in India is between 12 and 14 lakhs.

Reaper Binder – This is also a self-propelled harvester binder, and is also one of the top options among most producers. This tool will harvest plus bind crops in a single operation, and there is also a cutter for harvesting in the same unit. The price of this machinery is about 2 lakhs.

This are some of the best equipment for harvesting that are used by most of the farmers. Nowadays the demand for the commodity is higher, but the availability is smaller. So, this machinery will help you clear the fields quickly where you can safely split the soil and bear fresh seeds for the next harvest. These machines are found completely helpful for all the farmers that can help them in making their work much simpler and easier. We hope you have got the details you have been searching for.

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