The Bonsai Care

A small tree is a bonsai tree rooted in a pot. Indeed, the word “bonsai” simply means in Japanese “planting in a container.”

Bonsai is an important part of Japanese history that dates back to the early 14th century, relating to the practice of growing these small trees. Formerly only the richest aristocrats and senior members of Japanese society have appreciated it, Bonsai is now a form of art that people around the world love.

Bonsai care

The treatment of a bonsai tree might at first seem overwhelming. Here are few tips on how to treat a bonsai tree quickly. We have also produced a helpful guide with simple reference tips.


Watering bonsai is not as easy as routinely doing it for your convenience. Since they are more delicate than most plants, bonsai trees need due attention and care. The tree, especially the top floor to determine if it is totally dry, is a good practice. If so, use water with a gentle current, run it carefully until the water drains off at the bottom of the pot. Do this every couple of days, and again – watch your plant carefully!


During the growing season, only bonsais can be fertilized once or twice a week. Make sure that you do use water-soluble fertilizer. You should pick the right model for your garden centre. When the soil is wet, fertilize, but don’t try another fertilizer until next growing season, unless your fertilizer is active. Do not combine multiple fertilizers.


The branches and the roots can be pruned. Do this in the spring and start pruneing the roots only if they are close. As for branch pruning, based on the form that you like the tree, you have to prune which branches. Do any research on tree formation if you’re a Bonsai novice.

Give it sunlight.

Juniper plants grow well outdoors and do not reside inside for longer than a few days because the indoor climate is insufficient. In a wind- and weather-proof location where you can get the full sun at least 6 hours a day all year round. In winter, do you take it to a warm location such as the workshop or shed when temperatures go below 20 degrees. If the tree is in dormancy, sunlight would not be required, but watering is needed every two to three weeks. The leaves will be brown for a while but in the spring, they will become green again.

Place Location

Place your bonsai indoor where the lightest is going to be. It’s still fantastic on a window sill. Making sure the room is not hot, too cold and that the bonsai tree is moist enough and the soil will not dry so soon. The room is not too hot or so cold.

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