Tips for Houseplant care

Like our houseplants, we are slowing down in winter. During the summer, they are under low sun, short days, dry heated air and in winter they are exposed to a cold home. Our indoor gardening activities must change as their growth patterns adapt. Here’s a list of Houseplant care tips-


Indoor plants in winter require less water. The over-watering is a big cause of destroying every vine. The air is being choked by sewage in the ground. Roots of plants require air as well as nutrients and water. Until you take the watering can, search for water. The dirt, not just on the top, should be around 2″ dry. Water absolutely drains into a sink or bucket the bottom of the pot.


Keep leafy plants tidy for low light loads. The light required for photosynthesis that feeds the plant reduces the dust.

Place the entire plant in a tub, use a rag and rinse warm water. This is an ideal means of preventing plagues such as aphids, mealy bugs, spinning mites and scales. Finish making-up with the removal of brown and dead leaves to prevent illness.

Keep the windows clean so as much light, sunlight and heat as possible can be provided. When the sun travels from north to south in autumn, light switches though the curtains.

Drive around your plants to get maximum warmth and light.

Keep it from heaters and records


Put rocks or cake in saucer and fill with water for combat against dry indoor air. Make sure that the base of the pot doesn’t touch or stand in the water.


During the longer days of February, your house plantations will grow further. More water and organic fertilizer will be needed in your indoor garden. Continue the water check and fertilize half-hard. Water and fertilizer will have to be increased as the days become longer and warmer.


It’s time for your houseplants also in late winter. Maybe with low winter light they’ve got leggy, but they also want to promote further growth.


Remove the plant from their pot, trim the root ball and place it with the new potted soil in a clean pot of the same size. Shake the root ball a bit and place it in 1-2″ size when it is actually pot bound.


When you buy the right plant to the right space, you can succeed with houseplants from the start. Don’t attempt to make a dark room a plant that loves the sun and do not put lovers of shade into the direct sun. Take care in winter, and while the snow flies you have a lush indoor garden!

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