Types of Bonsai Trees

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Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is a miniature tree that is planted inside a container. In fact, the word “bonsai” literally means “encased in a container in Japanese”. Bonsai refers to the art of cultivating these small trees and is an integral part of Japanese culture in the early 14th century. Once enjoyed only by wealthy elites and high-ranking members of Japanese society, bonsai is now an art form that is enjoyed by people around the world. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the types of bonsai trees.


Bodhi Tree

The tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment! Once pruned trees give a feeling of austerity and divine atmosphere. Bodhi trees are also lucky according to Feng Shui. Even amidst the confusion, these trees are one of the most popular indoor green decors for the past few decades. Bonsai art focuses primarily on the principles of discipline and aesthetics for both the gardener and the tree.


alt="Types of Bonsai Trees"


Juniperus is a large genus of more than 50 evergreen coniferous trees and shrubs that are popular as bonsai trees. All species of juniper can be grown successfully as bonsai. Junipers are popular as bonsai for two main reasons. First, the small leaves fit well with the miniature aesthetic of bonsai; And second, junipers are hardy trees that can withstand aggressive pruning. Juniper bonsai trees do not do well when the house is large, and it is necessary that they be planted in dry soil.


alt="Types of Bonsai Trees"

Azalea Bonsai Tree

Among many other stunning plant species, including both trees and shrubs within the bonsai realm, which can be trained and designed like miniature mature trees, Azalea ignited the imagination with his one-of-a-kind appearances. Azalea trees both add colour and blossom into the art of bonsai. When shaped with care and accuracy, your small azalea trees can reward you with bright clouds blooming in pink, red or white. Interestingly, traditional azalea plants and other rhododendrons usually take shape in compact shrubs. However, when it comes to cultivating azalea and bonsai, the shape most often resembles a stunning flowering tree.


Dwarf Schefflera

It is one of the most popular bonsai trees for its amazing characteristics. Special features are low maintenance, drought resistant and hard to kill. If you are a beginner, this is one of the best trees to grow again. Bright but indirect sunlight is important for its growth. You can style the informal, waterfall, banyan, semi-waterfall, rock-cliff rock, root-rock, and collide with this tree. It is also known as Umbrella Tree.


Baby Jade Medium Bonsai Tree

Baby jade is a native plant of South Africa. You should water the plant when the plant is almost dry. You can place it near the window to provide enough light for Baby Z. It grows fast, and you can trim it according to the style you want. It bears star-shaped purple flowers, which have pinkish borders.

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